AIMS & Objectives

The Association at any point of time, may work towards in whole, or only some or any part of the aims / objectives of the Association as may be considered feasible or appropriate by the Member/s. ITCA intends building synergic engagements, partnerships and alliances with Government, its Departments and Organizations; National Research Organizations; Academia; Industry; Professional Societies and Associations; Non-Governmental Organizations; and other entities as may be relevant for professional growth; development academic and career progression of Engineers, Technologists, Scientists, Management, Administrators, Legal and other Knowledge Workers of the contemporary society. ITCA would focus on the progressing indicated activities, but not limited:

a) To promote, endorsing and stimulating technology through Science, Engineering, Management and other interdisciplinary approaches

b) To expand member base through various classes of membership; Conferring Honorary Fellowships; Charters; awards and rewards to establish dignity of professional contribution

c) To conceptualize, and Commanding collaborative research, consultancy, projects and studies and programmes

d) To expand the scientific research and innovation capacity by attracting and retaining excellent Engineers, researchers and scientists through the establishment of Technology Chairs and Professorships

e) To facilitate engagement with Government and providing strategic inputs for cohesive and cogent public policy for Technologies.

f) To create Alternate Dispute Resolution frameworks including Institutional Arbitration by leveraging the depth and breadth of technology expertise of Members with the objective of creating a link between the quality of legal performance and economic growth

g) To organize annual Congress, Conferences, Technology Expositions, Hackathons, Product Launches, and other events as may be deemed useful for capacity-building and expanding consortium engagement

h) To prepare articles, reports and knowledge-base documents and compiling them in publications such as Proceeding’s, Journals, Transactions for expanding the frontiers of technology disciplines

i) To organize Training, Skills enhancement, competency assessments, certification roadmaps and continuous learning activities for professionals through various modes

j) To establish centers, chapters, offices, learning institutions across the country for technology dissemination

k) To secure and manage funds, donations, sponsorships and endowments for the promotion of Technology including the rights to acquire, disposing of, or selling all or any portion of the properties of the Association

l) To do and perform any or all other acts, matters and things as are conducive, or incidental for attainment of the above aims / objectives or any one of them.

Unless qualified and specified, the activities of ITCA can extend across the world, and subject to compliance with prevalent or necessary Governmental approvals. Any or all these activities can be progressed with individuals, entities, institutions, organizations and academies overseas.

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