Individual Membership

Founder Fellows: All signatories to the Memorandum of Association and the Rules and Regulations will be admitted to the category ‘Founder Fellows’. In addition to that extraordinary personalities who, in the opinion of the signatories to this Memorandum of Association have significantly contributed to the growth of technology will also be Founder Fellows. The maximum number of founder Fellows is limited to Hundred.

Honorary Fellows:An Honorary Fellow shall be a person who has made “distinctive contributions” to engineering, science, industry, research, public service, or other pursuits allied with and beneficial to the technology profession. This class of Membership will be bestowed on outstanding persons in respective professions and will be limited to 50 numbers.

Fellow:‘Fellow’ is a membership grade of distinction and is conferred on worthy candidates to recognize their outstanding technology achievements. Fellows shall have experience in their field of activity for a period of at least 15 years after graduation. However, candidates having post-graduate / doctorates having 10 years experience will be eligible to become Fellows. The number of fellow will not be more than 25% of the total membership at any given point of time excluding Founder Fellows.

Member:‘Member’ is the grade conferred on working professionals having more than 5 years’ experience in the chosen field of Technology after their graduation.

Associate Member:‘Associate’ is conferred on those professionals having a University Degree.

Student Member: ‘Student’ grade applies to those who are regularly enrolled in approved institutions or university at undergraduate level. A person studying at the undergraduate level may be enrolled as a Student Member provided his application is duly attested by the Principal/Head of the Department / Institution.

Diploma or equivalent qualified candidates are also eligible for appropriate category membership, the regulations will separately developed and adopted by the council.

No subscription and registration fees will be collected for the first 1000 members of the Association. Following this membership drive, membership subscription as prescribed in regulation will be levied. Membership subscription would be for life. For student members the subscription would be at subsidized rates, for the duration of the education programme on an annual basis.

Membership shall be based on an appropriate prescribed membership form duly filled-in along with a valid reference of an existing member, individual or institutional as the case may be, and one-time membership fee paid in full and shall be subject to the approval of the Council.

Student Members, Associate Members, Members and Fellows shall be entitled to the use of post-nominals SITCA, AMITCA, MITCA and FITCA respectively.

These nominations will be scrutinized and recommended to Council for approval by a Committee of Membership constituted by the Council from time to time.

Institutional Memberships

The categories of Institutional memberships are:-


There shall be a category of Donor Members.


Government, Universities, Corporates, Industries, Research Labs and similar Institutions providing or granting funds for the cause of achievements of the aims and objectives of ITCA to be identified as Patron Organizations. Top level executives or their nominees will be recognized as patrons of ITCA.


Institutions, Industries, Research Labs, Professional Bodies and Societies willing to promote, co-operate, contribute and accept the aims and objectives of ITCA will be Founding Organizations to be limited to 30 numbers. Such institutions have to pay a nominal subscription of Rs. 10,000/- These institutions may nominate one member in the category of Founder Fellow or any other category to be approved by the council and will enjoy the privileges of Institutional Member.


Institutional Membership is open to all industries, Corporate, Universities, Colleges, Government departments and R&D Organizations interested in promoting the Aims and Objectives of the Association. Each Academic Institutional Member may nominate two persons who can enjoy all the privileges of Members of the Association. Membership for others not falling under the above-mentioned categories may be considered subject to the approval of the Council on a case-to-case basis.

An Institution paying a subscription as stipulated by the Association from time to time shall be eligible to nominate two persons as its representative to attend the Annual Session of the Technology Congress. Donors and Institutional Member shall be eligible to receive, free of cost, a copy of the complete set of Proceedings of the Annual Congress and also a copy each of the Association’s publications.

The Admission and Subscription fee has been fixed as follows. The fee structure will be fixed by Council time to time.

Grade of Membership One Time Membership Fee and
Equivalent Foreign Currency of Respective Countries
Fellows 7000 100
Members 5000 75
Associate Members 4000 50
Student’s (Annual Subscription) 500 10
Donors 1,00,000 1450
Institutional Member 1,00,000 1450