About ITCA

Welcome to ITCA-we Encourage, Educate, Envision and Empower the engineering and technology fraternity across the globe to conceptualize and realize engineering solutions for societal needs.


Building the World of Tomorrow with Today's Engineering

We are pushing the boundaries of engineering and technology, not just for today, but for the future, in collaboration with our Fellows, Members, and Partners. To contribute to societal growth, we are building skills and competencies and reforming the workforce. Our members influence public policy and drive innovation. By doing all these, ITCA drives engineering to shape the world of tomorrow

Professional Development

Our focus is on continued education and fostering the culture of lifelong learning. ITCA's teams are continuously endeavouring to curate content relevant to the industry needs and structure summer schools both in India and abroad.

75 Students’ Satellites Mission

Indian Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi Ji appraised the UN General Assembly of the nation's intent to Launch 75 Students built Satellites that have been developed and built by Indian Schools and Colleges. Indian Technology Congress Association initiated in 2018, the 75 Students' Satellites Mission to Celebrate India's 75 years of Freedom by 2022 during ITC, 2018 held at Bangalore.


Conferences, seminars, meetings with experts, online courses, hackathons, international student exchange programmes, summer schools abroad and in India and meetings with ITCA leadership are among myriad events that are offered to members.

These events are organized to facilitate enhancement of the engineering profession by active learning, networking, contributing, and collaborating with peers and engineering practitioners.


Mentoring Initiative is a member benefit for ITCA members seeking career guidance or advice from experienced professionals with diverse experience to become contributing engineers. ITCA retains its core focus on mentoring with the objective of creating win-win benefits for both the mentor and mentee.

Startup Incubation

ITCA has set up an incubation hub and facilitates start-up organizations and entrepreneurs to access financing options based on their requirements. Start-ups and entrepreneurs can work with ITCA's Fellows and Members to sharpen and refine their business ideas and enhance success rates.


ITCA has developed content for continuing education programs (for industry professionals intending to diversify into new areas) in areas of SpaceTech, and is also developing content focused on high school educational programs.


Proceedings are thematic ITCA's deep-dive publications providing detailed review of technical advances with sectoral scan and possible use-cases for technologies.

Membership and Accredation

ITCA consists of individual members who are qualified as Graduate or Equivalent in the disciplines and pursuing with Technology domains in India along with membership of any recognized professional body of any specialized field. The member categories are:

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations, involving more than 190 Member States, has developed the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in order to address these challenges in the form of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with 169 associated specific targets. Space science, technology and satellites have the potential to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. Critical technologies of the 21st century including information technology, modern communication, global positioning systems, satellite television, weather forecasting and remote sensing all rely on space science and technology.

Get Associated

If you are interested in engineering, technology and how they can address present day challenges, ITCA is the right organization to associate with. ITCA empowers you to pursue your vision with confidence. Now matter the idea, we are there with you, all the way in your journey from concept to product.

Specialist Groups

Specialist groups are a collaborative community of professionals working in one area. Participation in a specialist group helps deepen one's involvement and showcases skills and expertise level. Currenly, ITCA has an active specialist group focued on SpaceTech. We are in the process of adding multiple specialist groups.

Boards and Committees

ITCA has built linkages with State Governments in various states and is being approached for recommendations on policy. Should you been keen to participate in these initiatives of strengthening public policy, you could share your interest areas and profile with the Secretariat


TC over the last 18 years has attained international prominence as a unique platform fostering Industry-Academia-Research Labs-Policy Makers’ collaboration with the objective of capacity-building for global technological progress


TCA has structured active and functional partnerships with global organizations to build synergy with leading institutions abroad to facilitate cross-pollination of ideas and create opportunities for collaboration


ITCA's strategy is developed to integrate technology, innovation and productization techniques and bring in a holistic approach to address societal needs. While we do this, our focus remains on bringing in transformation that is sustainable and positively influence the quality of life of citizens. We remain committed to the ideal of taking technology closer to society.

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