Building the World of Tomorrow with Today's Engineering

We are pushing the boundaries of engineering and technology, not just for today, but for the future, in collaboration with our Fellows, Members, and Partners. To contribute to societal growth, we are building skills and competencies and reforming the workforce. Our members influence public policy and drive innovation. By doing all these, ITCA drives engineering to shape the world of tomorrow.

We invite you to share your expertise areas and coordinates with the Secretariat; we will contact you when an opportunity to volunteer comes up in your area of interest comes up.


We help organizations identify technology advances, contextualize these in relation to their businesses and structure technology-driven actions to build business advantage.

Thought Leadership

Our members decipher industry trends and integrate the technological breakthroughs to develop mint-fresh innovations that form the basis of solutions for contemporary society and business needs. We focus on leveraging inspiring ideas and building resilient future-proof solutions through multidisciplinary collaboration.