Institutional Memberships

Institutional Memberships

The categories of Institutional memberships are:-


There shall be a category of Donor Members.


Government, Universities, Corporates, Industries, Research Labs and similar Institutions providing or granting funds for the cause of achievements of the aims and objectives of ITCA to be identified as Patron Organizations. Top level executives or their nominees will be recognized as patrons of ITCA.


Institutions, Industries, Research Labs, Professional Bodies and Societies willing to promote, co-operate, contribute and accept the aims and objectives of ITCA will be Founding Organizations to be limited to 30 numbers.Such institutes have to pay a nominal fee as notified by the secretariat.These institutions may nominate one member in the category of Founder Fellow or any other category to be approved by the council and will enjoy the privileges of Institutional Member.


Institutional Membership is open to all industries, Corporate, Universities, Colleges, Government departments and R&D Organizations interested in promoting the Aims and Objectives of the Association. Each Academic Institutional Member may nominate two persons who can enjoy all the privileges of Members of the Association. Membership for others not falling under the above-mentioned categories may be considered subject to the approval of the Council on a case-to-case basis.

An Institution paying a subscription as stipulated by the Association from time to time shall be eligible to nominate two persons as its representative to attend the Annual Session of the Technology Congress. Donors and Institutional Member shall be eligible to receive, free of cost, a copy of the complete set of Proceedings of the Annual Congress and also a copy each of the Association’s publications.